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Jake, kudos to you for posting this story!

The incident I mentioned occurred on Jan. 28, 1994, when persons unknown backed a truck up to Johnny Lang's grave in JTNP and stole his skull. According to BLM archaeologist Russ Kaldenberg, who I interviewed for the story that appeared in the Feb. 3, 1994, edition of The Desert Trail, stealing miners' skulls and legbones wasn't an uncommon occurrence. 

Someone out there has a macabre collection of real-life skulls and crossbones. Icky, and very, very wrong.

Unfortunately, Hi-Desert Publishing Co. didn't have a Web site in those days, so the story isn't accessible online. It was amazing to write; we even had a crazy historical photo of Johnny's body laying there while Bill Keys dug the grave.


Raven Jake

[this is good]

Thanks Kelly!

Next time you come across your old clippings, send it over and I'll post it. Someone knows where Johnny Lang's head is. Also - anyone else with a "missing miner" please comment.

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