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Geology Byotch

[this is good] How wonderful and fun! I miss the desert. Damnit.

Raven Jake

It was fantastic!  Not too hot the first day, 70-80F with a standing breeze 10-15mph. Day two was hot and still 85-95F.  We met some great folks.  A group of guys who have purchased the remaining hard-rock mines (800 acres of amazing desert mountains and fans) which are surrounded by designated wilderness areas.  They have filed the papers to preserve their land unspoiled in perpetuity.  We are thinking of talking them into creating a learning center there for college and high school students.  Did I mention that they also own a property in Tecopa proper that has a potable hot water well that produces 600 gpm, and they are building a private bathouse in the classic roman style, travertine walls etc!

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