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Geology Byotch

[this is good] Interesting! Nice photos. 


Gravity Hill is just an optical illusion. It's still pretty weird, but an illusion nonetheless. You put your car in neutral on the top of a hill that looks flat, when really it's on a slope. When your car is in the right spot, if you look at the curb on the side of the street it looks like it's flat, but that's when you start to roll. It's about 5 minutes of entertainment, if you want to try and find it. Me and my friend looked for it for about an hour until we came to a spot next to a reservoir in Rubio Canyon where another car full of teens were trying it out. So we asked them and they showed us where to start. This was at night, mind you.. Then we went back to Lake Ave. and drove to the top where the entrance to the Cobb Estate is and parked. We walked up to the gate, felt cold air coming through the gate, then decided to go around and walk up the trail. Bad idea with just two people at night. We got about 10 feet and then turned around. I would like to go back during the day to hike though. Is the hiking any good?

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