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Raven Jake

I do not for one minute believe that Eulalia Perez de Guillen was 143 years old. It reminds me of another real old lady, Tatzumbie du Pea, that made similar claims. She was old - just not that old. Tatzumbie's gonna need a post too. That great old gal was a real character! 


[this is good] My ancestress Eulalia was born in 1766 and died in 1878:  she was 112 years old.  You can read about her on Wikipedia:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eulalia_Pérez_de_Guillén_Mariné

However, I have seen her death certificate in the Santa Ana courthouse back in the archives.  It records she was 148 years old at her death--but does not state the year of her birth.

fyi, a group of her descendants have started to meet each other through a closed, family-only group on facebook:  

Raven Jake

Hello from Raven Jake.  Thank you for giving us a bit more info about Eulalia.  She was an amazing individual and I've become quite a fan.  It has been a joy to research her life and doings in Alta California, One can almost see her just running the show around the mission!  Again thank you for your help and interest.  Please join us in helping to save the Miguel Blanco Adobe. Jake


My pleasure.

As I mentioned, we have a bunch of cousins who are starting to gather (virtually) -- some of them descendants of Miguel Blanco himself.  How can we help, now that the high school has decided to hold off?

Raven Jake

Thanks for your interest in all of this.  With the holidays upon us, there isn't much happening till after the New Year dawns, but I will stay in touch with you.  I would love to compare notes on Dona Eulalia and the Blanco clan.  Many blessings and Happy New Year.  Perhaps we can arrange a family tour for you and yours of the adobe.  If you have scrapbooks etc we'd love to see them and talk to all of you about this really cool bit of California's living history.

Raven Jake

You know, I don't know if I mentioned that a website for the Michael White Adobe launched - you guys might want to check out the "research" module, plus there is also an up-to-date news & events page


R. Gordy de Necochea

[this is good] Don Raven Jake, thanks partner for staying hot on the trail of Dona Eulalia Perez. One point of clarification for Perez fans and descendants. Alferez Macedonio "Hercules" Gonzalez (Bancroft Pioneer Index, famed Indian fighter) was a nephew of Eulalia, (A son of her sister Teresa).

Raven Jake

Thanks Gordy!

Claire Weber

As a young girl, I remember a picture of Eulalia on my grandfather's wall with a caption stating that she was 139 years of age at the time that the photograph was taken, and that she was 142 years old when she died. My grandfather was Antonio de la Ossa, great-grandson of Eulalia.

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