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I am with you.  Leave it be.

Today, in a suburban parking lot, I found myself parking right next to a old log building.  I don't know the history, or how it was preserved.  Sometime I will try to go back to take a photo and try to learn.  But, just seeing it made my heart glad.

Too much of what America was has vanished.

I say, leave it be.

Raven Jake

[this is good] Dr D.,  gracias, amigo!  This little building has so much history. It makes me glad to see it.  But seeing it there next to the pool and realizing that the folks who own this treasure do not value it is hard to understand.  A frined said to me today.  "They don't see it because they are afraid of their own shadows."  His higher meaning was clear... Thanks for sharing your thoughts.  RJ

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