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It was nice to have you at our "oasis!" Thanks for the cool write up too. -Jeff & Judy, Living Waters Spa

Raven Jake Dawes

Well, I'm so glad to have shared your hospitality
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Brent Richards

I grew up spending many weekends at Kismet Lodge in the 50's and 60's. My parents were close friends with Rose and Eddie Deovelet and also Roses parents, the Georges, who I knew only as mama and papa George. My parents bought a place in Idyllwild and quit going to the Kismet in the early 70's but stayed in touch with the Deovelets.

My childhood memories are shaken by the realization that I cannot bring my son to the Kismet now that it is a sans clothing lodge. I guess I will have to wait until he turns 18. My mother is in the top and 2nd photo sitting by the edge of the pool and on the steps. She has a copy of the photo the postcard was made from. I had totally forgotten about it til I saw your post

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