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David A. Carpenter

8:00 pm, April 16, 2013
Good evening:
I am David Arthur Carpenter, The great, great grandson of Lemuel Carpenter, a one time owner of the Santa Gertrudes Rancho, in the San Gabriel Valley. I have been pursuing my genealogical roots over the past several years with modest success. My mexican ancestors grew up close to the mission and had a large restaurant, the El Poche close by. Like many people I have waited until most of my mexican relatives have passed, and now that I am interested knowing about my origins there is no one to talk with first hand and hear about our family. I have Miguel Blanco's book in which he relates that he miguel and Lemuel Carpenter hid from their enemies after they walked out of captivity and stayed at the Carpenter adobe. Carpenter married a native girl and had two children by her, Susanna and Jose Antonio. I believe my great grandfather to be Jose Antonio. Ancestry . com has examined my genome and has indicated that I am 13% north american native according to their genome assay. My suspicion is that I am probably related to the Tongva people. I would be interested in meeting with those of like ancestry. Do you think that could be arranged? if so, how, when, and with whom? I would appreciate a response if possible. Many thanks in advance. Dave Carpenter from Ventura County; [email protected], or [email protected]

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