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Ridin' the Rails

IMG_2083(3)Y'all, just so we're clear, $299 does not buy a sleeper berth and dining car benefits. You get a coach seat, access to the observation car and you can buy a limited range of snacks in the cafĂ© car. There is a two-tier level of service on Amtrak and we weren't riding top-bunk, But the view's the same, the train pulls into the station at the same time, and let's face it, service ain't what it was in the Golden Age of Train Travel anyhow. 

Side note: unless you're actively eating, you're supposed to keep your mask on regardless of vaccination status. 

About the rail pass: From the site "Pass is valid for 120 days after purchase (30 days after first segment is traveled). Coach travel only. A travel segment occurs any time you board and disembark one of our trains (or other scheduled services). If your trip involves making one connection, you will use two segments of your USA Rail Pass." Is it worth it? Heck yeah, we'd go again in a minute. 

The seats are about the size of a narrow recliner with quite a bit of leg room. There's a luggage rack below for bigger bags and an overhead area for smaller stuff. The bathroom is about the same as a plane. 

This is the trip route:

Southwest Chief: San Bernardino with stops at Flagstaff (Grand Canyon), Winslow, Lamy (Santa Fe), Las Vegas, Raton

Greyhound Bus: Raton to Denver

California Zephyr: Denver with stops at Grand Junction, Provo and Emeryville (San Francisco)

Coast Starlight: Emeryville to Los Angeles